Half Hour Television Programs

Soul Sessions USA (SSUSA) brings original and refreshing music videos showcasing original singers and songwriters to television stations around the globe. They feature the up and coming artists yet to be discovered. Our retention level, for this original content, is one of the highest currently on YouTube. These videos packaged into half hour programs provide incredible commercial inventory opportunities for TV affiliates in broadcast television.  

One half hour Soul Sessions USA TV program is comprised of five (5) to six (6) music videos approximating 22 to 23 minutes of creative content which allows for at least seven (7) to eight (8) minutes of commercial inventory. Three sample programs are featured on this page. The low pricing coupled with high quality videos and terrific original music, will make selling commercials easy and profitable. Our half hour television programs tested very well on an ABC affiliate TV station.

SSUSA programs are perfect for late night fringe programming and ideal to create additional inventory between traditional programming and infomercials. We have the standard series of 13 episodes for 13 consecutive weeks available. Longer runs with discounted rates for 26 and 52 week runs can lock in tremendous inventory for your sales staff goals and initiatives.


13 Weeks26 Weeks52 Weeks

Note: Applicable state sales tax shall be added to listed prices. Programs can be delivered through available electronic media transfer.

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