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It’s reported there are over 3,000 active film festivals worldwide. Each could receive, on average, about 1,000 submissions, with only a small percentage that are accepted. With these odds filmmakers are still addicted to film festivals like insects attracted to light. Why? They may not even know. See why entering film festivals have become the indie filmmaker’s version of “Keeping up with the Jones,” and why it can be a financial trap!

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In the 2000’s, companies like YouTube and Netflix introduced movies over the Internet and online Video On Demand (VOD) was born. Today there are literally hundreds of online movie platforms that filmmakers can approach to have their movies accepted and then made available to the public. Even with the proliferation of these sites, a movie is never automatically accepted. This is where VOD through self distribution can work!

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There is no fee for submitting a video and filmmakers decide whether their work is to be listed so that viewers can watch it for free, or, whether they want to have it sold. The options for selling are having the video available for rent and for purchase. While there are recommended pricing levels, filmmakers can decide the prices of each video. The split on any sales realized is 30% to Serenergy and 70% to the filmmaker!

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