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Scripts That Can Be Customized To Create The Movies Investors Want

Investors can choose to produce any of the over 100 scripts that YBS currently possesses as originally written.¹ Or, they can use any of these scripts as a basic story template which can then be revised to create a modified storyline that is either closely or loosely resembling the original script concept but reflecting a new unique story that reflects the investor’s own movie. Or, they can elect to forego using any of these scripts and create their own entirely new script. Whatever means they elect to utilize to create their personalized movie, investors retain all of the usual benefits as described under “Added Investor Benefits”.

¹If you are interested in reviewing a list of YBS scripts please contact us using our Contact Form. We can provide you with a listing of script titles, the movie genres each represents, and a brief description of each story. Copies of individual scripts can be provided to interested investors.

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