World Buffet (C)

Project Description

The United Nations has come up with a new brilliant idea for bringing the world together. It will host a dinner where every country will be represented by the food it is best known for. This celebration will be the “entrée” into something that no treaty or trade negotiation could ever do, and that is to bring diverse people together through food and merriment. But while everyone agrees that the affair is a lock for success since “everyone loves to eat,” the committee placed in charge of planning the event can’t help but do everything wrong. Korea charges that they are being stereotyped when they’re asked to bring Kim Chee. England feels insulted because their “bloody tea” is all that they are asked to deliver. The Kenyans are incensed when they can’t sacrifice a live goat. The United States and Argentina seem ready to go to war on who can bring steak. And no one wants to know what the Eskimos are bringing. A hilarious comedy that comments about the frequent futility of good intentions, World Buffet will cause audiences to salivate over the pot-luck to end all pot-lucks! Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages 105.

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