Wilhemina’s Time (C) (P)

Project Description

Wilhemina “Willy” Nilly has hit the mother lode of career opportunities. By sheer luck this career low-level diplomat in the U.S. Ambassador’s Office has been pegged by the Secretary General of the U.N. to head up the “World Buffet” Committee; Willy’s novel idea to stage a global food festival that will bring peace to the planet. The project seems to be a sure fire winner except for a few hurdles, not the least of which being Willy has never led anything greater than walking the German Chancellor’s dog. But in addition there is no budget, no location picked out to host the event, and her team is comprised of members who would make the Keystone Kops seem like a model of organization. Produced as “World Buffet,” and a recipe for total hilarity, “Wilhemina’s Time” will be the comedy hit of the year and have you asking for seconds! Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 120.

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