Voices From The Garden Of Pearls (SF)

Project Description

Koa, a nine-year-old Hawaiian boy, accidentally falls off his father’s boat during a fishing run and nearly drowns. He is saved by a company of dolphins and the experience gives him an unusual talent… the ability to interpret their language. When a neighboring sea lab realizes the boy’s unique talent, they ask Koa’s parents to let them utilize his assistance in order to code the dolphins’ speech patterns. But Koa knows there’s a reason for his great gift.  He must free the research lab’s prime research dolphin, Keli`ike, who is actually the heir to the undersea kingdom known as the “Garden of Pearls.” A magical tale of hope, “Voices From The Garden Of Pearls” is a wonderful children’s story that will have the “kid” in every adult cheering as well! Writers: Eric Nemoto, Jon Brekke. Pages: 122.

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