Vent (S) (C) (P)

Project Description

Cast members in a play taking place in a hole-in-the wall community theatre in Honolulu, Hawaii, complain about the production, their roles, and each other, around a rooftop vent. Yes, it’s another manic performance night back stage of a small community theatre that is in the midst of staging an original play. There is method acting Leigh Ann who is never satisfied with anything she does, obsessive Eric who gives advice to everyone, dramatic Dorothy who thinks no one understands what she has to go through to be as good as she is, and envious Betty who will tell you she doesn’t care that she didn’t get the part even though you didn’t ask her. Throw in a videographer who films their nuances and a director who causes their nuances and you’ve got “Vent,” a short film about small actors. Writer: Jon Brekke. Pages: 10.

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