Vanish (T)

Project Description

A woman spends her days traumatized. For mostly at night, and sometimes in the day, a man special to her who died a month before, appears on the property, a large one-acre parcel of land, to pay her a visit. Is she suffering from some kind of delusion? Or is the specter a haunting reality? When a co-worker comes to check up on her, he initially thinks her explanation to be a function of the grieving process. But when the spirit appears to him as well, he is determined to get them both off the property. But their exodus is prevented by the reappearing ghost who manages to vanish just as quickly as he appears. When another co-worker arrives to check on the two of them, they find that they are all trapped within a realm that the spirit doesn’t let them to leave. But when a fourth person turns up, the no-good daughter-in-law of the deceased man, who then leaves without any problems, the trio begin to sense that there’s a reason for their plight and it has to do with finding out how the man died. A thriller set on the property of a country home, “Vanish” is a story about how reality and faith are often synonymous. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 90.

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