Ultio Venia (SF)

Project Description

In Latin,“Ultio” means “revenge,” and “Venia” means “grace.” These two words serve as the theme for “Ultio Venia,” the latest Soul Saviour tale about a couple soon to marry who inadvertently assists in the exorcism of a young woman who is possessed and draws the wrath of the dark side. Seeking their revenge, demons later return to arrange a game with angels for the souls of the newlyweds. The rules are simple. If the humans kill themselves the demons win. If the demons let their nature get the best of them and kill either the man or the woman, then the game is off and the couple go free. The contest will ultimately pit the demons’ evil desire for revenge against the protective goodness, or grace, of the angels. Will the demons be able to stage events that prompt the couple to commit suicide and doom them to purgatory for all eternity? Or will the angels succeed in saving the couple by deceiving the demons, those ultimate deceivers, and beat them at their own game? The answer will be revealed in an original stage production that will be a feast for the senses. “Ultio Venia” promises to be a great Halloween dark night date night! People will be told to BYOB… “Bring Your Own Blood.” Writers: Eric Nemoto, Jeff Katts, Mark Ganialongo. Pages: 98. Note: Has been produced as a stage play.

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