Tis The Season – A Hawaiian Christmas Story (F) (D) (P)

Project Description

In Honolulu, Hawaii, Kimo, a dedicated worker at the sugar plant, is stunned when he is among those laid off. Worst of all it is right before Christmas. As he had dedicated his life to the company, this experience leaves him a bitter man. His wife, Nalani, must work double shifts to help the family out and this makes Kimo more depressed, which makes him take out his frustrations on their daughter, Heather, who only wants her dad to be happy. As the days pass the future looks bleak. But eventually their struggle through adversity takes a turn for the better when they meet, and are guided by, a magical lady, Mrs. Livingston,  who seems to guide good fortune their way. A heartwarming “Hawaiian Christmas story,” “Tis The Season” reminds us that the greatest gift of all is the love of family. Writers: Jon Brekke, Ed Rothkowitz. Pages: 60.

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