Wren & Tara Talk Sex On The Beach (C) (D)

Project Description

A man and a woman, intense, high-powered attorneys representing opposing sides in a sexual harassment case, meet in a park to discuss an out-of-court settlement. But what starts as a celebration, eventually turns into a verbal war by two head strong individuals bent on winning the battle of the sexes. As they dine on fine food catered in by a wacky and eclectic chef, they debate the essential differences between all men and women, citing their own past disastrous relationship as an example of the incompatibility of the male and female species. A challenging discussion about sex, the law, and desserts, “Wren & Tara Talk Sex On The Beach” is the perfect event to take the office secretary to. Writers: Eric Nemoto, Jon Brekke. Pages: 91. Note: Has been produced as a stage play entitled, “Tiramisu On The Beach.”

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