The Trials Of Two Marys* (D) (SF)

Project Description

This unique story is based on the lives of two women, Mary McDougal Axelson, and her daughter, Mary Ivonne Axelson. The elder Mary becomes a successful writer, whose play, “Birth,” inspired by the time she spent in a maternity ward when she gave birth to Mary Ivonne, becomes a hit on Broadway. It is then turned into a movie called, “Life Begins,” which also becomes a Hollywood hit. But as Mary lives a life of fame and success, Mary Ivonne suffers through a life of underachievement and failure and develops a raging hatred for her mother. This rage results in Mary Ivonne – during a visit to Mary in a Miami hospital where she is recuperating from Leukemia treatment – beating her mother so severely that Mary eventually dies a day later. Ensuingly, there appears a courtroom on an ethereal plane wherein Mary’s eligibility for Heaven is on trial, and part of the evidence that is provided is the actual trial of Mary Ivonne, who is being tried for Mary’s murder back on Earth. An informative and moving fantasy drama that is based on real events, “The Trials Of Two Marys” is a story of family rage ultimately turning into family redemption. Writer: Larry Bartley. Script Consultant: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 90.

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