The Sushi Guy Has An Attitude Problem* (C)

Chapman University student, Christy Harada, has to find a part-time job in order to help make ends meet. She finds one as a waitress in a sushi restaurant in downtown Orange, California. The job seems easy enough, but it soon turns into a nightmare when she has to work with a sushi chef who makes “Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi” seem like a choirboy. When her complaints to the owners go nowhere because the chef is the only one who can give the customers what they want, Christy begins to fight fire with fire. To the shock of her co-workers, she begins to dish it all back to the sushi chef from hell. A riotous comedy, “The Sushi Guy Has An Attitude Problem” will have everyone, who has ever had to hold it in with someone like the “sushi guy,” bursting out with laughter and cheers! Writers: Eric Nemoto, Kristen Nemoto. Pages: 75.