The Hidden Battle (SF) (P)

Project Description

Felucia and Trammal are two demons that roam the earth. They search for humans who they can possess for Satan. But their efforts are always thwarted by the angels, Akriel and Baglis. Frustrated, they offer a challenge to their arch-rivals, to compete for the souls of mortals according to the following rules: angels and demons cannot reveal their identities, cannot use any miracles or magic, and their lords, God and Satan, cannot intervene at any time. Thinking it is their final act of desperation, Akriel and Baglis accept the challengers’ conditions only to find that the demons have something up their unholy sleeves. The prequel to “Soul Saviour,” “The Hidden Battle” is a fantasy adventure featuring a battle between the eternal sexes. Writers: Eric Nemoto, Jeff Katts. Pages: 102.

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