The Heart Of A Trophy (D) (C)

Project Description

Tiffany, a successful realtor in San Francisco, expects that her boyfriend, indie filmmaker Mario, will be proposing to her at her 36th birthday party before leaving for a shoot in Australia. After all, she found out he visited a high-end jewelry shop just the day before. But when his big announcement results in a crystal brooch to commemorate their 4th anniversary, Tiffany feels her biological clock quickly fast forwarding. Discovering that both her mother and she were conceived out of wedlock, Tiff decides to take drastic actions. She will stop taking her birth control pills in order to get pregnant, thus forcing Mario to marry her. But when her surprise flight to join Mario gets diverted to Hawaii due to a hurricane, she ends up meeting surfboard maker Willie, falls in love again, and her life gets complicated. When she finds out later that she is pregnant she realizes she doesn’t know who the father is and, moreover, can’t decide who she loves more. A comedy drama about the various ways a woman can eventually become a good mother, “The Heart Of A Trophy” is a story which also purports that when it comes to true love, “You can have your cake and eat it too.” Writers: Larry Cortez, Eric Nemoto. Pages: 130.

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