The Good Man From Wuhan (D)

Project Description

After 10 years, Hawaii businessman Henry Chan is still grieving over the passing of his wife. This grief has made him re-evaluate his life and in that overview, he sees that his first three daughters have followed the same path – married their high school sweethearts, had kids, gotten divorces, then had to deal with deadbeat dads. So for his fourth daughter, his favorite, Anne, he will seek to put an end to this trend. Recalling his own upbringing as a man from China who came to the islands with nothing, married a beautiful local girl, and then became hugely successful, he believes that a young man he meets through a video conference with Hong Kong business associates could be just what his daughter needs. When he finds out that the young man hails from Wuhan, the city that he was born and raised in, he becomes convinced that this man can be the perfect match. So he arranges for the young man to visit Hawaii to learn his business, but also to get to know Anne. But what starts out as a match made in heaven has all the makings of a marriage that will go to hell. But will Henry and Anne realize this before it’s too late? A drama that trumpets family, love, and honor, “The Good Man From Wuhan” will resonate with all Asian men and women familiar with the burdens and pressures of living up to family wishes. Writers: Eric Nemoto, Jon Brekke. Consultant: Jari Vepsalainen. Pages: 120.

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