The Five Filipino Brothers (D)

Project Description

Bernardo’s five sons were raised in the same household, but have all turned out very different. Christopher, the eldest, is a doctor whose medical practice soars while his marriage crumbles. Second son, Daryl, the black sheep, steals cars for a living. Rey, the middle son, sees the world passing him by while working at the family restaurant. Terry, the athlete, can’t separate fantasy from reality as he pursues his dream of playing professional basketball, by imagining himself being black. And baby, Derek, is a 23 year-old virgin, who dates a goddess. In this wonderful blend of comedy and drama, audiences will laugh and cry as The Five Filipino Brothers follows the lives of the Garaldes, a Bay Area Filipino family coping with life in the new millennium. Writers: Eric Nemoto, Jon Brekke. Consultant: Keo Woolford. Pages: 106.

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