The Fatal Journey (SF)

Project Description

A pastor’s daughter and educated in Christian schools, Reina Sparrow has always believed in God.  But her faith in the Lord will be tested to the core when she tries to keep her boyfriend, Todd, from falling back into a world of drugs.  For behind her earthly burden is a challenge occurring on a mystical plane.  Their eternal souls are the prize in a contest between the Archangel Gabriel, and his followers, Sashel, Amarenthia, and Uriel, and Satan’s Messenger, Selan, and her band of demons, Memphthet, Cleros, Rethia, and Hatas.  An action fantasy thriller, “The Fatal Journey” will have angels and demons taking off the gloves to do battle in this action-packed sequel to “Soul Saviour.” Writers: Eric Nemoto, Jeff Katts, Mark Ganialongo. Pages: 84.

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