The Errand Executive (R) (C) (D)

Clark Richards, 29, finds his life changes when he chauffeurs CEO Doris Ringmore, 62, after her car breaks down en route to an important dinner. Grateful, the “big boss” takes Clark out for lunch, and then showers him with added amenities. Soon, it becomes clear that Clark is Doris’ latest “errand boy”; her man servant who is to provide for her in more ways than one. But while he abhors his role, he comes to see her as a woman terrified of growing old and being alone, and in turn, she appreciates his spunk to get to the top on his own. Their remarkable friendship will eventually result in something even more amazing… Clark and Doris begin to fall for each other. A romantic comedy that says anything is possible, The Errand Executive will bring smiles to all who believe that “love conquers all”. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 153.