The Demonic Revenge (SF)

Project Description

Another chapter in the saga of angels versus devils  pits demons who seek revenge on  a husband and wife who helped save a woman by  participating in an exorcism of the she-demon who possessed her. To help even out the score, angels challenge the demons to a contest for the couple’s souls with one major rule, they cannot kill them. But will the demons be able to stage events that prompt the couple to commit suicide and doom them to purgatory for all eternity? Or will the angels succeed in protecting them, and if not, arrange things so that they can ultimately win by tricking the demons to commit murder? Mixing  one part fantasy drama with one part comedic thriller, “The Demonic Revenge” is the perfect drink for those thirsty for more “Soul Saviour.” Writers: Eric Nemoto, Mark Ganialongo, Jeff Katts. Pages: 104.

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