The Curse Of Witness Protection (D) (CR) (P)

Project Description

When Honolulu private investigator Nick Navarro receives a YouTube link to an old movie trailer he was in when he was an aspiring actor twenty years ago, he assumes it is a joke sent his way from some friend. But when his inquiries discover that all of the other six actors have met with mysterious deaths in Philadelphia, Buffalo, Chicago, Tucson, Seattle, and L.A., during the past three months, he realizes these tragedies actually reflect a pattern of murder that has spanned the U.S. from east to west and he is the serial killer’s next target. A story that highlights the movie trailer “Witness Protection,” as written, produced, and directed in 1998 by Jon Brekke, “The Curse Of Witness Production” is an action drama thriller that showcases an old short film inside a new feature length movie. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 123.

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