The Committee Responsible For Exposing The Reverend Terry Jamestown (D) (C)

Project Description

A posh office is the simple setting for this action drama that’s laced with comedy and ends with a surprising turn of events. Thugs storm a psychologist’s office intent on blackmailing a wealthy televangelist by photographing him with a call girl during his therapy session. But their dream of a $5 million payday, given by the “Committee,” are put on hold when they bust in too early. The tension mounts as other clients arrive and the hostage pool grows. When the reverend finally does arrive, things seem funny, and we wonder just who is the “Committee” anyway? “The Committee Responsible For Exposing The Reverend Terry Jamestown” will have everyone second guessing everyone in a “Who Done It” when “Nobody Did!” Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 115. Note: Has been produced as a stage play.

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