Ten Million Reawakennings (H)

In medieval Japan, a samurai falls in love with a woman whom he promises to honor forever. As she becomes gravely ill, he pledges a sacred oath that upon her death, no one will ever take her place and that he shall never remarry. When he breaks that vow with the marriage to an innocent young woman, the ghost of his first wife returns from the dead to haunt the samurai’s new bride. When the specter succeeds in killing the second wife, and the samurai subsequently takes his own life, the fate of all three will become intertwined for an eternity in a dark, foreboding nether world. Based on a “Kwaidan” (ghost) tale by turn of the century writer Lafcadio Hearn, “Ten Million Reawakenings” is a ghost story revolving around themes of honor, passion, and vengeance. Writers: Richard C. Goodman, Eric Nemoto, Brad Powell. Pages: 70. Note: Has been produced as a stage play. Mr. Goodman also retains majority ownership of the script and can make decisions on its use without the consent of the other writers.