Sins Of The Flesh (SF) (P)

Project Description

An amoral and sardonic two-bit con man looks for the wrong kind of love in the right kind of place where he comes across a mysterious vixen who may or may not be his meal ticket to paradise. A spooky science fiction fantasy that takes place inside a century-old former hotel that is purported to be haunted, Sins Of The Flesh is a mysterious, supernatural thriller that will certainly take a “bite” out of you. It stars actors Yama Radtke, as the con-man figuratively biting off more than he can chew, and Tristy Chun, as the vixen who literally plans on chewing him up. No con there. In an eerie tale that offers up macabre as the entree on the menu, this short film is a ghoulishly gastronomic delight. Writer: Rick Bernico. Pages: 8.

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