She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not (T)

Project Description

A woman TV anchor who doesn’t like to just report the news but has a passion for being out on the streets gathering and investigating the news as well, comes across a grisly murder that becomes the breaking story of the night at the station. While she doesn’t report it, she senses something strange about the way the victim is found. She realizes what the oddity is when another murder happens. The bodies of the victims were posed in a certain way. But why? As yet another murder happens she discovers what is happening. There is a serial killer on the loose and his pattern is to pose his victims according to classic murder photos. But as the body count continues the most horrifying revelation reveals itself to the woman. The killer could very well be her own cameraman who accompanies her on the news trail! A pulse pounding thriller, “She Love Me, She Loves Me Not,” will blindside audiences when the killer is revealed. Writer: Jon Brekke. Pages: 100.

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