Setagaya Expats (D) (C)

Project Description

The trials and tribulations of a young business manager and his feisty wife, U.S. “ex-patriates” living abroad in the “land of the rising sun,” Japan, are portrayed in this wonderful, heart-warming story of Americans adjusting to life in a foreign country. Follow the lives of Robb and Renee Deaton, their two year-old son Alexander, Jerry and Joan, Renee’s lively parents visiting from Ohio, and the rest of the “expats” as they deal with life in and around Setagaya-ku, an upper class section of Tokyo. Based on the experiences of Michael and Renee Brown, “Setagaya Expats” is an entertaining “fish out of water” story that offers a realistic and often humorous depiction of the cultural challenges of living and working with the Japanese. Writers: Eric Nemoto, Renee Brown. Pages: 113.

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