Reunions (R)

Project Description

The Canyon Country senior class of 1934 was one of the best ever, and the attendance at their succeeding high school reunions validate that very point. And among the avid classmates, John and Mary have loved each other for all of their adult lives, even though they have seen each other only seven times in 70 years. Their meeting place? The school gymnasium that hosts the graduates’ reunions every 10 years. But as the years pass by, and the number of classmates begin to dwindle, John and Mary begin to realize that their once in a decade rendezvous is turning into more than a memorable event, it is becoming their only reason for living. A poignant story of life-long friendship that transcends even the passage of time, “Reunions” will hearken back memories of those beautiful days of youth. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 86.

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