Realm Of Choices (SF)

Project Description

What if every choice we made in our lives was the result of a battle made on another plane of existence between the forces of good and evil. Such is the premise behind “Realm Of Choices,” a haunting thriller that continues the storyline started with “The Hidden Battle.”  In this version of demons versus angels, earthlings are confronted with moral dilemmas, and their choices determine their place in either heaven or hell.  In this mystical reality a kind of stalemate has existed and an uneasy truce achieved.  But Satan has his mind on bigger things. Having concocted what he feels is the perfect plan for stealing human souls, he will unleash his legions to not only win more to his side, but eventually to destroy God and his followers forever. Writers: Eric Nemoto, Mark Ganialongo, Jeff Katts. Pages: 73.

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