Random (CR)

Project Description

A private investigator receives a box in the mail that contains only a sheet of paper with a written link to a YouTube site. When he sees that it is a video of a movie trailer he was in 15 years ago, he thinks it’s the actions of someone who is playing a joke on him. But when he realizes that everyone in the cast is either dead or missing he comes to the surreal realization that this is the work of a serial killer. Things get even more complicated when he brings this information to authorities and is then considered the prime suspect. But this burden is nothing when he eventually faces the killer himself, who is set on killing him, the trailer’s last surviving actor. With the actual trailer filmed in 1998, “Witness Protection,” as part of the storyline, “Random” is a suspenseful action thriller set in beautiful Hawaii. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 120.

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