Ramon Runyen (C)

Project Description

When Ramon Runyen, the IT director of the ICON Group, tumbles down two flights of stairs at work, the man who never takes time off, is forced to stay home for some badly needed R&R to tend to his concussion, and to heal his sprained ankle and dislocated shoulder. But rest is the last thing he’ll get on this manic day as his cell phone keeps ringing. Among the many people he has to deal with there is Scott, his lame brained second in command, who doesn’t have a spit of initiative in him, including not preventing Ramon’s car from being stolen as he watches the thief break in and drive away; Chicano security head, Ernesto, who believes Ramon is committing cultural appropriation by pronouncing his name as “Raymond” and not “Ramone;” and fly-by-night tow truck driver, Aymil, who can’t tell the difference between Ramon’s stripped Geo and a brand new Mustang and thus tows the wrong car. A riotous comedy featuring only one on-screen character and a bevy of ditzy voices who he talks to on his cell, Ramon Runyen is the perfect remedy when one has to stay home on account of “Shit Happens.” Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 120.

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