Pretty Freaky (SF)

Project Description

“Pretty Freaky” is a story about three women – a gypsy, a witch, and a vampire – who try to lead very “normal” lifestyles, but can’t because of who and what they are. Jacqueline Jones is the gypsy; raised from birth to practice the art of “channeling” – the conveying of thoughts and energies from a non-physical being. Ilicia Raye is the witch; a master of spells, charms and ceremonial magic. And Ava Devant is the vampire; capable of sucking not only the blood of the innocent, but also, inheriting their energy and taking up their form. Thjs is their story. A story about who they are, what they are, and how they survive in the mortal world. The facts of their lives are true, very weird, and… “Pretty Freaky”. Writers: Eric Nemoto, Jeff Katts. Pages: 119.

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