Photos Of A Nun (D) (CR) (T)

Project Description

Sister Elizabeth “Ellie” Wellington’s demands to have a list of pedophile priests made public threatens the New York Roman Catholic Diocese. When she refuses to back down and even demands the priests be ex-communicated, she becomes the target of an evil church hierarchy that has her drugged, kidnapped, and depicted in pornographic snapshots in a vile attempt to ruin her. But Ellie is not finished yet. She will find the strength to overcome her darkest moment and fight fire with fire. With the help of some tough-as-nails detectives, former altar boys all, she springs a trap for the Bishop and Cardinal who will stop at nothing to retain their power. Part police story and part religious commentary, “Photos Of A Nun” is an exciting action tale of intrigue and power. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 145.

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