Phaseland (SF)

Project Description

Aside from having a little spat over lunch with his girlfriend, landscaper Wyatt Smith’s work week is ending on a usual note. He intends to relax a bit at home before joining his buddy for a drink. But after he showers and takes a brief nap, he awakes in a world of complete animation, and even worse, he appears to be the only man in existence. After determining that he is not dreaming, he realizes that if he doesn’t figure out how he got into this predicament he may be stuck in this surreal world forever. So, he will try to figure out what happened, and in so doing, will discover that it has something to do with his eccentric and repulsive neighbor, who is really a maniacal genius who has put him into his own parallel universe. But why? A sci-fi thriller that utilizes animation effects to create Wyatt’s world, “Phaseland” will also cause audiences to question just exactly what is reality. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 90.

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