Parts Of Life (D)

Project Description

Death should not be feared but embraced. That is the theme of this haunting yet heartwarming drama which attempts to look at death from the perspective of it being part of the circle of life. In this unique story, death is a metaphor for more than grief and tragedy, but in fact represents reconciliation, redemption, love, and wonder. Find out why a bank vice president’s life changes when he ventures on a ghost tour. Discover how a lifetime secret is the source of family discontent when siblings must come together and plan their father’s funeral. And feel the pain of two divorcees who find love the second time around, only to be faced with the biggest challenge of their new lives, cancer. With “Parts Of Life,” we discover 12 storylines of death which actually are a testimony about life. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Business Associates: Parts, LLC. Pages: 120.

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