Out Of Earth Plates (SF)

Project Description

In Barstow, California, local businessman and environmentalist, Sam Perks, has always been sick and tired of the many abandoned cars that are left on the edge of town for city road crews to tow away. He’d do something about it if not for his job, the wife, the kids, and “all that stuff.” But when they start appearing in his cherished Mojave Desert, it’s time to take action. So he organizes a community watch group to try and catch the people who are illegally dumping their junks. But try as they may, the team can’t catch the culprits in the act, and in fact, the number of discarded vehicles seems to be growing. Eventually, it dawns on Sam that the appearance of these stripped shells and burned out cabs, may have nothing to do with any of the locals. In fact, it may have nothing to do with anything of this world. After “Out Of Earth Plates,” a science fiction about alien encounters in a small town, audiences will never look at a rusted wreck along the roadside the same again. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 91.

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