Other Words Of R… (CR) (T)

Project Description

Three sisters living in a coastal town in Rhode Island brace for the release of a man they helped send to prison. When their testimony sends a state senator to six months in jail for misusing campaign funds, the penalty seems a just penance for a politician too big on power. But when he kills an inmate in self-defense, he is imprisoned for twenty long years and comes out a very changed man. When his sentence is finally completed, the man calls a meeting with the women under the guise of reconciliation. But instead, he brazenly states his plan. He will make them pay for their deeds and make them understand the pain that he was made to go through. In due time, he will teach them about rage, revenge, and other words of R. A tale of lives torn by obsession, “Other Words Of R…” exploits the primal fear that all women harbor towards men. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 120.

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