O’Malley’s Construction (D)

Project Description

Carpenter Jack O’Malley has a lot on his mind these days. As the patriarch in a family of fourteen sons, he should be looking forward to his golden years of retirement. Instead, he is laid off. And with many of his sons being out of work too, it isn’t the best of times. Into this scenario, the family comes up with a plan. Start their own construction company! Indeed, with sons who work in every trade required to build a house – from masonry to roofing, and from interior design to landscaping — the idea seems like a natural. But a family nemesis runs the union that is striking the supply company which holds the materials needed to finish their first major project. A drama of family work ethic, “O’Malley’s Construction” reinforces the old adage… that “Blood Is Always Thicker Than Water”. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 110.

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