Not Always The Flyer (SP) (D)

Project Description

The cheerleaders at Pine Valley High in St. George, Utah, have some problems. They have only four girls on the squad and a community that doesn’t respect them. Yet they persist in their quest for cheerleading fame despite hardship and ridicule. Things get worse when the school board approves their petition to stunt, for now they have to “fly” with no experience. Their disastrous routine coaxes an old cheerleader to return as their coach and the sparks start to ignite. “Not Always The Flyer”is a winning drama about never giving up on dreams. It is the story of a group of young women who refuse to quit, and of their inspiring coach who gets to relive her own dreams that she thought was lost forever. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Consultant: Kristen Nemoto. Pages: 123.

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