Malandro (AA)

Project Description

The dark side of Waikiki is the backdrop for this action drama about “Malandro,” a street-wise, cunning, double-dealing operator who is on everybody’s list of top SOBs. Found particularly in Brazil, Haiti, France, Portugal, and Africa, a Malandro also displays the savoir-faire that earns him the friendship of those in haute society. Now established in Hawaii, this underworld personality, along with Mafi, a Samoan drug lord, deal with the Chinese mafia, the Filipinos, the Haitians, the Brazilians, and the Japanese Yakuza, in ruling Honolulu’s underworld of drugs and prostitution. Their dealings will eventually come under scrutiny by the police, federal agents, a maniacal colonel out to revenge the shooting of his son, and ultimately… by each other. Writers: Pierre-Richard Olivier, Eric Nemoto. Pages: 114.

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