Lissa At 5 A.M. (D) (R)

Project Description

A young but reluctant stripper, with a love for books, meets a middle-aged married man with whom she has nothing in common, yet embarks on a torrid love affair which fills the void in each of their lives. Meeting in hidden trysts, she provides the erotic excitement to his routine life, while he gives her a false, but soothing, sense of security. Their brief and alive, yet ultimately doomed relationship will lead both to conclude that love has very little to do with the past, or the future, but is sometimes only about where weare, at “5:00  a.m. on  a Tuesday.” Set in Honolulu, Hawaii, “Lissa At 5 A.M.” is a touching and visual love story with very tasteful scenes of nudity and eroticism. Writers: Jon Brekke, Eric Nemoto. Pages: 127.

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