The Journey Of Lisa Patterson* (D) (W) (R)

Project Description

When a Los Angeles couple caring for their dying grandfather awake one morning to find a sketch of the man in his youth dancing with a mysterious young woman, along with a bucket list of places written on a sheet of paper, they believe they are being magically called to seek out the source of these items and what they mean. What they get on this “magical mystery tour” is a surreal journey that leads ultimately to the discovery of the man’s long lost fiancée, Lisa Patterson, a Japanese American woman he loved, who throughout her amazing life fought against the prejudices of the times to become a scholar, a show stopping talent, a successful businesswoman and community leader, only to be sent to the Manzanar internment camp during WWII, where she meets with a tragic end. A beautiful, haunting story of undying love filmed partially at the Manzanar Historic Site near the majestic Sierra Nevada mountain range, “The Journey Of Lisa Patterson” is also the story of an amazing patriot – A Japanese woman who was more American than everyone who had the privilege of knowing her. Writers: Eric Nemoto, Jerry Wayne. Pages: 130.

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