Leopard’s Leap (M)

Project Description

The fall of Rhodesia and the birth of a new country, is the backdrop for this epic musical.  It is 1979, and Chester Harrington witnesses the slaughter of his family and the razing of his father’s mansion, Leopard’s Leap.  Suddenly, he goes from pampered teenager to street urchin in an odyssey that will take him to London, New York, and an eventual return as the prodigal son to his home, now known as Zimbabwe.  When he learns that the black nanny who raised him as her own is being held in prison, he offers to take her place, only to find that her captor is none other than her birth son, a fascist extremist.  Filled with over a dozen original tunes, “Leopard’s Leap” follows a country in upheaval, as well as the upheaval in the personal lives affected by its bloody war. Writers: Eaton Magoon Jr., Steven Judd, Eric Nemoto, Brad Powell. Pages: 117. Note: Mr. Magoon has original music composed and recorded.

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