Krissy’s Graduation Summer (F)

Project Description

All that separates recent Hawaii high school graduate Kristen Holck from college on the U.S. mainland, are three months of a Hawaiian summer that she secretly hopes will never end. Masking her inner fears of “being on her own,” she embarks on a schedule of activities that baffles her mom and dad. Working at multiple part-time jobs, taking modern dance lessons, coaching cheerleaders, learning to drive, and becoming politically active are just some of the myriad of activities that “Krissy” attempts in each 24-hour day. A heartwarming coming of age story that every incoming freshman will inevitably identify with, “Krissy’s Graduation Summer” may become mandatory viewing for parents who ever dealt with the challenges of sending their first born away to school. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 102.

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