Knocking On Heaven’s Door* (CR)

Project Description

On a Monday night, three young blacks are killed by a white cop in a gun battle that leaves another officer dead.  When the teens are reported to be in a drug gang, the policeman is celebrated as a crusading hero.  But on the following Monday, his children are murdered in an apparent retaliation conducted by “The Seven Days,” a shadowy group of men who purportedly avenge injustices laid upon blacks, by committing the same crime upon the perpetrator on exactly the same day of the week.  This “eye for an eye” vendetta sets the stage for turmoil within the police department, along with the police commissioner,  the mayor, the governor, and the FBI.  A hard-hitting police drama, “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” delves into the lurid worlds of police corruption and vigilantism. Writers: Pierre-Richard Olivier, Eric Nemoto. Pages: 139.

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