Juniper Lane (C) (P)

The movie production script of the comedy that tries to provide a solution to the age old question, “What happens when the immovable object meets the irresistible force.” Another pedestrian has been hit along Twygate Boulevard, this time at the intersection of Juniper Lane. It is the fifth time in three years, and all of its victims have been the elderly. The “answer” to the problem is to put up yet another traffic light that will ensnarl traffic. While everyone agrees the “old folks” should have a safe access over a busy thoroughfare, a group of young people have had enough. They believe the answer to really protecting these seniors is to change their lifestyles and habits instead. Their appearance at the monthly neighborhood board meeting will transform the usual rubber stamp agenda into a manic and chaotic evening of endless misstatements and misinterpretation. A hilarious story of humans being human, “Juniper Lane” takes a funny and fresh look at the generation gap. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 128.