Jackie Claxton – The Body Swapper (SF)

Project Description

After Inducers Cadence Sorenson, Rylie Hinsfield, and Darlena Zynner are thwarted from blowing up an energy facility by the Inciters Jackie Claxton, Jalynn Ramos, and Melinda Martell, Helyssia the dark demon, proposes to the renegade angel Scylencia, a “shotgun” challenge between their teams where there are no rules, with global genocide at stake. With Helyssia’s promise that she will be banished from commanding evil forces forever should she lose, Scylencia accepts the challenge and empowers her ace Inciter, Jackie, with the ability to swap bodies with Cadence in order to learn what the Inducers are planning. To counter, Helyssia provides Cadence with the ability to self detonate and instructs her to blow Jackie up! But after Jackie and Cadence switch places, they begin to understand each other’s lives and each come to adjust to being the other so that it is not clear who has the power to do what, which could spell doom to all humans on both sides of the battle line. Another awesome tale from the “Jackie Claxton Universe” of creator, Jeff Katts, “Jackie Claxton – The Body Swapper” promises to be a science fiction and fantasy “blast.” Writers: Jeff Katts, Eric Nemoto. Pages: 100.

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