It’s A Dog’s Death (D) (F)

Project Description

Sam, a female part Chihuahua part Pomeranian is nearing the end of her life and the Korries, the family that has been her masters for over fourteen years, must make the difficult decision to put her down. In those heart wrenching final days, each member of the family struggles with making the decision all pet owners dread making. But in order to do what’s best for the dog they consider part of their family, they will take that faithful visit to the veterinary center together and comfort Sam as she leaves this world. Inspired by real events, this tale is a lesson for all dog lovers; that their obligation as owners ultimately extends to providing a humane ending to their pets’ lives. It’s A Dog’s Death is really a story of life, and how the life of one tiny creature will leave a lasting impact on the family that will love her forever. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 90.

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