It Could Happen (SF)

Project Description

If the porch and the fence were repaired, along with a new coat of paint, the old house would probably look just like it did 40 years ago. So thinks, Bob Justin, who buys the house he grew up in and moves his family back to his hometown. Lying in bed in his old bedroom he tells his wife that it feels like he could just walk down the street and be nine-years-old again. Which is exactly what happens when he wakes up the next morning! In a day that will have him reliving old memories, teacher’s pet “Bobby” will behave like he’s never behaved before, and because of that, go on to change the course of future events, hopefully. . . for the better. A comedy drama that every past kid will be able to relate to, “It Could Happen” will show audiences that once  in a “blue moon” . . . you “can” go home again. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 70.

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