Into The Fire (D)

Project Description

A New York City firefighter moves west to Portland, Oregon, as a means of treating his clinical depression, a  result of his actions on 9/11 –  a day that would change his life forever. On that day, a man who had always been first into every burning building would inexplicably run away, leaving his men trapped in the stairwells of the collapsing towers. But while his new surroundings bring brief solace, the fireman finds he cannot escape the guilt of his past, until he meets a young widow, herself searching to rebuild her life. Her love and support will allow him to finally resolve the anguish of that day only to meet a new challenge – wildfires that threaten their community. A story that all Oregonians will love, “Into The Fire” is a tale of a man conquering his demons through the help of good people. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 117.

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