I Am Sugar Ray (D) (SP)

Project Description

Ray Winston has a dream.  He wants to be like the great champions, Sugar Ray Robinson and Sugar Ray Leonard, and follow in their footsteps to achieve boxing glory.  So he runs 40 miles a week, hits the heavy bag for hours, spars with anybody he can coax into the ring, and spends his spare time reading about the exploits of his two idols.  But his quest to become middleweight champion of the world has a bit of a problem that everyone else can see but he won’t.  He is a club fighter with little skills who will never rise above the level of an undercard.  A poignant story of unlimited desire meeting up with limited potential, “I Am Sugar Ray” is a “Rocky” movie with a twist.  In this touching, unique sports drama, our hero not only doesn’t win the big fight, he usually doesn’t win…period. Writer: Eric Nemoto. Pages: 120.

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